Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Next Logical Step

There should be more headlines like this. How can we ever move forward if we don't start inventing or genetically engineering ridiculous things? We need more robotic walking eyes, tentacled bunny rabbits, and parascopic miner's helmets. It's just the next logical step.

Only two more weeks of classes, one French final, and about 24 pages worth of reports, and I am done. At the moment it is very late. Lev is sleeping and I am waiting for my clothes to finish the rinse cycle so that I can hang them up to dry. Last night I went to the library at 2 am to print out my presentation and abstract (36 copies at 5 cents each) for my American Literature class. Since I don't take that many late night strolls, I wasn't sure exactly what kind of characters would be out so late. The residual heat from the surprisingly warm day was nearly gone, yet it was still just barely warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. There were couples talking and holding each other and saying goodnight to each other. That was all I saw. Couples. I was in one of those moods were it really filled me up to see people being so happy in front of the moon. It reminded me of all of those stupid late summer nights spent with a loved one or a good friend or group of friends for that matter. Summer at night feels different. It almost feels stationary, but in a good way. In a great way that I can't describe too well. But it is relaxing and cool, like the shade of a comfortable tree is following you everywhere you go.

I cut off the blisters on my feet with an old pair of sewing scissors I inherited from my grandmother after she died. The pieces of skin that I removed were the consistency of a band-aid. My grandmother spent her whole life stitching quilts together, and here I am, with her tools no less, cutting pieces of myself and throwing them in the trash. The blisters still hurt but I'm sure they'll be fine come a fortnight.

Here is a list of movies that I really wanted to like, but didn't. I was rooting for them, hoping that by the end of the film my perseverance would result in some sort of cinematic vindication. The problem with 1, 2, and 5 is 'style over substance', a term I heard of when I was describing to somewhat exactly what I didn't like about Running With Scissors.

1. The Chumbscrubber
2. Running With Scissors
3. Pecker
4. The Crow
5. Idiocracy

My laundry is most definitely done by now.

Speak easy,

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Robin said...

Neil -- I've always loved summer nights and summer smells. When I was a teen, I ushered at the Arena Theater in Orleans (now the Academy Theater) and I love to remember the smell of the privet bushes as I walked home in the dark. Pure romance!