Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No News Is Good News

I was searching for the news report that aired last night on ABC and came across this headline. A lot of these news syndicates seem to put the most popular news in the forefront of their website. News websites are nothing like daily newspapers (although I've noticed that USA Today comes fairly close). Bizarre news stories and bullshit celebrity scandals what people want to read about. News is changing.

There is another story, which I am sure many people are aware of, about an 11 year-old who committed suicide due to constant bullying. When I was 11 I was far too busy playing video games to even consider committing suicide. When you are that young there is so much focus on the future. Death is understood, to some extent, but does not mean much. I did not even think about death, in a realistic way, until I was in Junior High School. Bully sucks. Kids need to stop bothering each other and should start focusing their energy on more pressing issues at hand (like pursuing girls or watching South Park).

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