Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Roosevelt Room

It is 10:30 pm and I am typing in the Calipari room, a small study hall tucked in the corner of the basement of the library. On the walk over here I noticed that some of the ducks were playing in the pond, while others were curled up on the grass. It's still kind of cold outside (borderline jacket weather) but I am optimistic that it will be warm very soon (which I think is actually less optimism and more based in meteorology and common sense). The night life is something that I usually forget about because Lev and I fall asleep fairly earlier. There are people killing themselves studying or killing their livers every evening until the break of dawn. That reminds me of dreams and how your mind never really stops working just because the lights go out.

Moldova made the news today. Revolts and riots due to a potentially tampered election. I'm not sure why America complains so much about the economy and the politicians. It really could be worse. A lot worse.

I actually did walk by the government building they stormed. When I saw it, I told Mariana, the girl I was with, that it looked like a casino. She laughed and translated what I said to her friend Sasha (a name short for the male 'Alex'). He laughed too.

To lighten the mood of this entry I am going to make another list of things that I think I think I know.

- Natural male enhancement methods do not work (ever).
- Kayne West modestly refers to himself as 'the voice of a generation'.
- Charlie Chapman was kicked out of the United States after portraying Adolf Hitler in a comedy film.
- Theodore Roosevelt survived a bullet to the stomach and gave a speech before going to the hospital.
- JD Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut were stationed in the vicinity of each other during D-Day in June of 1944.
- Nintendo was a playing card company before it began developing video games.
- The mind has not been physically located by scientists.

Speak easy,

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