Sunday, March 8, 2009

(6 steps)

Yet another great Spring day on campus. The air was like a soft sheet on cool Summer night and I found it hard not to walk aimlessly on the way to the library. I found myself in front of Bartlett, where there was a stone checker board propped on a log.

About two months ago I drew this and intended to incorporate it into some modified layout for this site. After I discovered that my wacom pen dropped off the face of the Earth ($35 to replace), I lost a lot of artistic motivation (at least for graphic design). The approach I used for this was to just draw a bunch of squiggles and then look for an image in the squiggles and then outline what I saw. It is a little bird, just in case you can't tell what it is.

Today some kid was skateboarding with his friend in front of the Fine Arts Center. He asked politely for me to call his friend a wimp for not being able to jump a short flight of stairs (6 steps). I did what he told me to do because it seemed kind of refreshing to hear someone use an insult like "wimp". People often use more colorful vocabulary when they sprout negative verbal sentiments.

Then at dinner this strange fellow with a square jaw and a little voice asked me if he could eat with me. He said that he knew me from somewhere, a party or a class or maybe he just saw me walking around campus a lot. We had a pretty interesting conversation about school and jobs proceeding the college experience. One of his friends is pursuing a career as a skydiving instructor but in order to do that he has to have a lot of experience skydiving. Apparently each jump costs around 200 USD, making it a fairly pricey hobby. In Japan, people pay Americans to practice English conversations. This sounds like a really interesting line of work. Right now I feel like I have a lot of acquantances that I would like to keep as acquantances. Not every relationship needs to flower.

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