Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Telescopic Baseball Bats

For the last few days I have been locked in my room recording and practicing music with my cousin Bradley. Some, but not all, of what we have worked on is pretty good. Right now I feel so drained and headeachey but there is still work to be done (although I will leave room for relaxation).

I heard that, in other countries, prisoners don't rape each other in jail. There are a lot of strange things like that which seem to be strictly American. Another, for example, would be how Americans tend to claim that they are Scottish or Italian or Irish but they would technically be
American (because most people in America were born and raised in America).

More objects should be telescopic. There are cups you can buy that fold out just like pirate telescopes.

Other everyday objects that could be telescopic...
- Chairs (or stools)
- Pots (or pans)
- Lamps (either the base or the shades)
- Baseball Bats
- Cat Litter Trays

Speak easy,

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Jim said...

Tripods are already telescopic.
They sell telescopic kitchen bowls at marshalls.