Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bathroom Wall

I transcribed this from the bathroom wall this morning. Bathroom wall graffiti is so much more cynical, crude, and telling than any other kind of defacement of public property that I know of.

EDIT: Sarah brought up an interesting point. There is probably a huge contrast between the writing in a woman's lavatory and the men's lavatory. Most people just don't think about that because...well...we are either one or the other and we often don't partake in the fruit of the other's toilet. Also I heard that some ladies rooms have couches. Can anyone vouch for this?

- I wrote this
- Um, I'm pretty sure I wrote that
- No good sir you are a fool and a charlatan for it is in fact I who am the culprit muahaha (?)
- Stop taking credit for my work!
- Losers (-> I wrote this)
- [expletive deleted]!
- I'm the artist formally known as "I wrote this"
- Your mom wrote this. She snuck into the boys room just to write this.
- 4:20 (-> How old are you?)

Speak easy,


sarah j. said...

in contrast, the women's bathrooms in franklin are covered in pretentious poetry.

kat(hryn) said...

Sarah is right. The women's bathroom is usually a mix of ridiculously bad poetry and activism. As of recent in Herter/Franklin bathrooms is a new trend of "You are beautiful." "It's so wonderful out side just like you" "If you are reading this you are a beautiful woman love yourself" "Rainbows".

Whenever I pee I don't have any higher self esteem, funnily enough.

Couches? Haven't really seen any. Public bathrooms look the same as men's. Restaurant bathrooms occassionally have a chair for nursing mothers. Or diaper stations.

Arleen said...

i have in fact seen couches in womens bathrooms. in that same bathroom there was two chairs a coffee table and a tv. it was a pretty nice set up actually but it makes me think about who actually uses it and spends that much time lounging in a bathroom..

sarah j. said...

can't say as i've ever partaken of the fruit of ANY toilet.