Saturday, March 7, 2009

Candle Wax Speed

Today was really warm and I saw three guys having a snowball fight in t-shirts and shorts. The snow is finally melting at candle wax speed. It was really the first day in a while that I didn't feel like I was fighting nature. Sitting down in the sun was a really pleasant experience. I heard that in Iceland there is a big problem with people not getting enough sunshine. This leads to a large part of the population finding themselves in a depressed state. In order to counteract this, the government has issued many households with heat lamps. I think that this would be a good idea for offices. If there was a special 'sunny' break room, there may be a significant increase in morale.

I bought Sufjan Steven's Come On! Feel The Illinoise! album this week, kicking off my record arsenal. Each record comes with an insert, which makes an excellent mini-poster. If each cd came with a free sticker and mini-poster, I feel like more people would be inclined to purchase the album. At this point, most people just buy the CD, upload it onto their computer, and then have no real need for the physical album. There should be more insentive. Record companies haven't tried to change the product very much. It's their fault that they're failing.

QQ: If you were an identical twin with both male and female genitalia, would it be a weird subject to bring up with your twin?

Sporadic Idea of the Day: Megaphone Choir.

This weekend was the third week in a row that I attempted to see the film Coraline. It was a great film and I encourage everyone to go. CGI films like Finding Nemo and Wall E are well and good, but they have completely changed the way I veiw stop motion films. During the movie I had to remind myself that all of the settings were constructed by hand and that each shadow was cast by a physical object, and not just the result of a computer program.

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