Friday, March 27, 2009

Garbage Men and The Trash They Keep

This evening there was another rave held at Diva's nightclub. I didn't attend. Instead I went to a short story/poetry reading. There were one or two pretty good speakers out of the bunch. The two social gathers, the reading and the rave, are very different but I would say that the latter is far more exhausting. We listen, we feel, we dance, we understand, and we dance some more.

This is the recording setup I had in my room over Spring Break. Somehow I was able to set everything up to the preamp (even the record player) without crossing audio and electrical cables. If these two kinds of wires cross it results in some sort of static interference. The songs that we got out of the session are just sitting on my computer waiting to be spliced, reverberated and mixed. Sometimes I like to distance myself from projects so that I can come back later with new eyes.

Speak easy,


Jim said...

Jonathan Safran Foer: "There are even homosexual garbage men in America."
Alex: "How much would a premium negro-homosexual (nfgot) accountant make in America?

Neil Everett said...

Can not wait to read Everything Is Illuminated.