Sunday, March 1, 2009

...and the Clean Old Man

This fat guy is on a door across the street from the coffee shop in Amherst center. I see him about once a week. He is without name and without story, and that is why I like him.

My friend Brooke asked me what the deal was with the title of my blog. For anyone else that is curious, here is the explanation...

Miss Lonelyhearts is a novella written by Nathaniel West, and also one of my top 5 pieces of literature. The main character is a guy writes an advice column under the name Miss Lonelyhearts. His real name is never given and, throughout the entire 60 pages or so, he is addressed by his pseudonym. It is generally a story of one confused individual that, in his heart of hearts, just wants to stop suffering and save the innocent. The Catcher and the Rye, which is probably the only other narrative that is tied with this one for top rank, has a similar theme.

The chapters of the book are ironically similar to titles of would be childrens books. For example, Miss Lonelyhearts and the Clean Old Man, Miss Lonelyhearts Attends a Party, and Miss Lonelyhearts and The Dismal Swamp.

The chapter in question, Miss Lonelyhearts Pays a Visit, occurs towards the end of the novella. Basically he visits a couples' home for dinner and helps them realize that they do want to patch things up in their relationship. Even after realizing they are happy with each other, they subsequently agree that they are still not happy without alcohol. The husband, an old cripple, goes to the store to get some scotch. After he leaves, the wife tries desperately to force herself on Miss Lonelyhearts (which was not so far off since they had already had sex prior). Miss Lonelyhearts gets depressed and angry and ends up mercilessly beating the wife. Not too fun. Did I mention that it all takes place during the great depression? Because it does.

This door is generally agreeable. Where it goes, I do not know.

Naked mole rats live inside large colonies with one queen that has all the babies. I would have never guessed.

Special thanks to Lev for some of my recent pictures. He remembers to bring a camera when I do not.

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