Thursday, March 5, 2009

Primitive, yes.

Ducks scratch their faces with their hind legs just like rodents and cats do. It's pretty great.

While waiting for a bus in Southwest (the other side of campus, heavily populated with people and parties) I overheard a conversation between a few guys that were idling nearby. One of them posed two very interesting questions to his friend: 1) "Why would you have sexual intercourse with a girl you hate?" (keep in mind that I had to clean up the vocabulary a little bit) and 2) "How long do these pills take to kick in?"

It occurs to me that there are so many different kinds of "guys", most of which I usually don't encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like a Galapagos Finch stranded in a small corner of the Pacific.

It looks like sodomy laws vary from state to state. One may actual receive a penalty of 5 years to life for committing this specific sexual deviation in the state of Idaho.

This is a picture of a flat screen monitor that was integrated into a multimedia expedition in the basement of the Fine Arts Center here on campus. It was weird.

Speak easy,

EDIT: Blog post #100!


kat(hryn) said...

That's weird because I heard this while waiting for the bus stop: "She sucks dick so much. She loves to suck dick. She loves dicks in her mouth.... [I left at this point]". Apparently it was let's-be-degrading-at-the-bus-stop-day.

Do you remember Mrs. Arnold? I just had a dream I saw her at a restaurant and then there was a fire so we left holding hands and walked a mile to my Dad's house at night. When I got there my Dad handed me a veggie wrap and then my little brother drove down a road and I was shocked he had his license. This is irrelevant.


devin said...

Congrats on #100th blog post!