Sunday, March 22, 2009

Banana Man

My grandfather gave me a new watch. It beeps every hour on the hour, something that I think will take a little getting used to. Looking at my wrist, with or without a watch, is something that I do systematically to subtly avoid eye contact with strangers in public. Other times I will check my phone or even pretend to text message someone. Someday we may constantly be wearing computer goggles and headphones so no one will have to interact with anyone unless they absolutely want to. Social networking sites are making it easier and easier to say nothing to everyone while still not actually interactine with anyone (kind of like Matthew Lesko or God).

I'm back at school and have a few hours of the waking life to relax before I have to cope with the shattering reality of work and school and public restrooms.

This is a picture that Mike took of Brad. I was holding the broken mirror. This is what happens when a bunch of white kids have way too much time on their hands.

Years ago at summer camp one of the British counselors said that Brad resembled a English television character by the name of 'Banana Man'. Brad's nickname became 'Banana Man' for the remainder of the summer. Recently I went on google images to try and find this character. The only interesting thing that I came across was this guy on a moped hunkered down with a large quantity of under ripe bananas. This picture (as well as the picture below) has been on my desktop for quite some time to be incorporated into some sort of venn diagram but never really came up with anything I was happy with.

This peice of art was constructed by my friend Katie's friend Becca (if memory serves). At some point this semester I would like to try this out with the oven in the common room on my floor. Sushi pizza is also something I would like to try but the only problem is that I wouldn't know exactly how to prepare it. Would I a) make the sushi and put it on the pizza, leaving both uncooked b) cook the sushi with the pizza [which may negate sushi becuase sushi is supposed to be uncooked fish] or c) cook the pizza and then apply the fish? Life has one destination but oh so many roads.

Speak easy,

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kat(hryn) said...

It was Becca! We should definitely do that. Then take pictures and send them to her and then pizza on pizza out all over her.

I just realized a cake on a cake is just a wedding cake.