Monday, March 30, 2009

Serious Adult Money

My bag of sugar smells like summer camp. Why does my bag of sugar smell like summer camp? It is a sort of musty nostalgic smell that puts me at ease.

This, from what I can tell, is some sort of old metal salad fork that I found when I scoured the house for noisy household items that would potentially make some interesting samples to record music with. When my grandmother died, my family received a lot of strange objects of yesteryear.

I think one of the greatest pleasures in life is not doing something you really don't want to do and then not feeling any real repercussions from it. My tuition bill is way past due and every time I check the status on it, I find that the school has taken it upon themselves to find me loans without my knowledge. A month ago it said I owed $3,000 and today I checked it and now I only need to scrape up a loan for $450. In a way, I kind of wish they didn't let this happen because I do need to learn serious adult money bill responsibility, but for now I am content in not doing much of anything until I find myself standing on the precipice of no return (in which case I would probably have to take some sort of initiative).

Speak easy,

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