Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fished Eye

Fun fact of the day: Drinking coffee in excess reduces a woman's bust size.

Last week my cousin showed me a new song from Britney Spears' new album. The chorus, as catchy as it seems to be, contains the following lyrics: "All the boys and all the girls are begging to if you seek Amy." These last four words are purposefully very similar sounding to "F.U.C.K. Me". I wonder if they play this on the radio. It doesn't literally have anything offensive in the lyrics but you could make an argument against it.

Now it is time to study for French.

Speak easy,


kat(hryn) said...

Fun Fact: Coffee stains teeth, stunts growth, makes for bad breath, causes headaches in withdrawal, causes addiction or wake up dependence, costs too much money and creates vomiting.

Other things that decrease breast growth: Not eating chicken with hormones, not being on the pill, surgery.

LeVeL said...

As someone who loves coffee and drinks it fairly often, I disagree.

Coffee stains teeth - you'll be fine if you simply brush them once in a while, preferably twice a day
Stunts growth - nope
Makes for bad breath - brush your teeth and get some mints
Causes headaches in withdrawal - nope
Causes addiction or wake up dependence - nope
Costs too much money - nope, coffee is dirt cheap
Creates vomiting - nope

Coffee is awesome!

sarah j. said...

security word: caticon

i drink coffee too, and it gives me headaches something fierce if i go a day without it.

cheap yes, causes vomiting in katie hakalas also yes.

have been drinking coffee since i was twelve (on and off) and i am short with small breasts - coffee, or genetics? you decide!

Stephanie said...

If excessive coffee drinking stunts breast size, I'd hate to see what my chest girth would be if I hadn't sucked down all those double grunders in high school...

Arleen said...

that's almost a good enough reason for me to stop drinking coffee. but not quite..