Monday, March 9, 2009

Crystallized In Landfills

In the center of campus is a room that was originally intended for pay phones. Students could walk into the heart of the university and call their loved ones at any time of the day. With the onslaught and popularization of cell phones and personal computer gadgetry, pay phones are almost a thing of the past (like 8-tracks and car phones from the days of yore, damned for eternity, crystallized in landfills and bad 80's movies). In this room marked TELEPHONES is nothing more than ceiling lights and white walls. At the end of the corridor is an elevator that can only be activated by the custodial staff.

No one removes the label. No one frequents the room. Once a hot spot for long distance outcries to loved ones concerning financial aid and date rape, the TELEPHONES room is a nothing more than a quiet reminder of all that is, and all that will be, obsolete.

EDIT: Special thanks to Jim for showing me the room in the first place! Great find.

Phrases That Annoy Me:

- Hubby (i.e. Husband)
- Beau (i.e. Boyfriend)
- Pet Peeve (i.e. Annoyance)
- Broham (i.e. Male Friend)

I found this image to be kind of creative/interesting. (click image to enlarge)

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Jim said...

I showed you this room.

Neil Everett said...

I know, it is a great room. I'll edit the post to give some credit to you. Great place to practice music maybe?