Monday, May 4, 2009

C'était l'espirit l'escalier

Some things I learned today while watching Weijun Chen's documentary The Biggest Chinese Restaurant In The World...

1) There are 20 million babies born in China each year. This is the equivalent to the entire population of Australia. Also there was mention of a man being thrown in jail because his wife gave birth to a baby girl (their second child). They would have thrown the mother in jail but she was breast feeding or something.

2) The fastest way to kill a duck is by tearing out its heart. They then proceeded to show this procedure in graphic detail. What they did is they used some sort of stick to open up the ducks chest cavity and, once they had a clear pathway to the heart, they force their hand in there and pluck it out. Quick and efficient.

3) There is a meal prepared in China where the tail end of a fish (about half of its entire body) is scaled, sliced up, and deep fried, all while the fish is alive. In order to be a success, the fish must still be twitching and moving its mouth as it is being served to the costumer.

4) The average Chinese family earns about 1/12th of what an average American family earns (relatively speaking).

5) If you chop a snake up into little bite sized pieces (killed, gutted and prepared it less than a minute), it may quiver and squirm on your plate.

These two photo collages were the front and back covers to my art notebook that I had during my junior year of high school.

Randomly stumbled upon this French expression that I really like.

-l’esprit l’escalier-
"The spirit of the staircase. What it means is that you think of the perfect comment just as you’re descending the staircase as you’re exiting the party on your way home."

Speak easy,

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