Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Worms & AIDS

Today was the last day of classes and that means I am one step closer to summer vacation. Next week I have 20 pages worth of reports due and a French final but luckily blogging has made writing (even when I really don't want to) a fairly common and painless process. The last hurdle I had to jump on this specific Tuesday was a presentation I did on AIDS (for my modern African literature course). Over the past two days I have been experiencing some minor insomnia which has caused arbitrary mood shifts throughout my day. Sometimes I feel like I have a headache and that my immune system is shutting down and sometimes I will feel very energetic and talkative. Luckily I was in an accelerated and talkative mood during my presentation. I didn't even use the note card that I wrote all of my information on (my head already knew all of the facts). I just now got an email about my groups performance. We did well.

Andrew is staying in Amherst until Thursday (he goes to Emerson in Boston and is already done with his finals). Despite the hectic work schedule, it is nice to have someone around to hang out with and help relieve stress. Hopefully now that my classes are done with I will not be nearly as anxiety ridden (Mom you are probably worrying about me after the last few blog posts but I assure you that I am doing fine. You went to college, you know how it is).

The following is a comic I made when I was a junior in high school. I have become a little more articulate since then but I'm not so sure if I have advanced much as a graphic artist. It looks like I spent a lot of time shading dismembered body parts.

Note: This is a reference to the popular American reality show Fear Factor in which Joe Rogan watches people walk across balance beams and sleep in buckets of worms.

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