Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rubber Duckies Are The Cleanest Animals

It is finals week and I am working overtime at work to fill in for people with finals and trying desperately to complete my African Lit paper without letting it eat into my sleeping schedule. During work I finished reading the graphic novel Watchmen, which was incredibly good. Although I have only seen half of the film version, I would definitely recommend everyone read the book instead (although there are some really cool visuals in the movie). My mind seems to peter out after a certain amount of sleep deprivation, which means there is a good chance I will get up at 5:30 in order to finish the paper. I'm sure I've said this before but the mind needs rest. Science has yet to find a way around it. Hindsight 20/20: I've stayed clear of coffee this evening so that I won't capsize my sleeping.

And now, trailers for films I really want to see but simply haven't gotten around to watching yet...

Synecdoche, New York

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

Also, Frost/Nixon, Iron Man, The Reader (becuase of the Nazis and the taboo sexual romance), and Lars and The Real Girl (less Nazis but possibly just as sexually taboo).

Classical music helps me focus but it's also making me a sleepy hedgehog. Why must I be tortured so?!

Speak easy,


kat(hryn) said...

I have seen Synecdoche = good but depressing
and Lars and the Real Girl= good but depressing

Papers are such a labor to birth, but when you do it feels like you just let a 30 pound load off you.

sleepy mole-me


Robin said...

The Reader is a must-see! Hope you can sleep tonight:)

Neil Everett said...

I slept for three hours last night and then from 11-4 today. Paper done. 9 page for American Lit and 5 more for film, french final and then done. Kate, 30 pounds gone. It feels good. Having a difficult time figuring out which is cuter, a sleeping hedgehog or a sleepy mole.