Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peaceful Book Mobile Computers

I am relatively drowning in papers and studying for finals at the moment. Part of the reason I am so intrinsically hectic at the moment is because both of the papers that I have due this week are due tomorrow and not on Tuesday as I had thought. This means I have to write the rest of my 9 page paper by 4 pm tomorrow afternoon and (hopefully) get an extension on my film paper. It will be a huge inconvenience to deliver a hard copy of the paper to my teacher due to my job but that was his request. At this juncture (It is 2009...2009! It is 2009 and we still don't have personal robots and supplementary meal tablets) it almost seems stupid for teachers to ask for a hard copy when e-mail and internet 'turn it in' databases are far more economical and logical. The lack of robots is, however, my main disappointment. Maybe we just haven't had enough wars. Historically, wars have caused major leaps in scientific and technological advancements. If everything were peaceful, we'd still have computers the size of book mobiles.

Also, this video is fantastic.

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Robin said...

Hi Neil -- Hang in there! Just remember that once you hand your paper in, your professor has to grade it (and the dozens just like it)! We can't wait to have you home:)