Monday, May 18, 2009


Earlier today, I was reading about pheromones and how there is some scientific grounding to whether you "click" with someone (as apposed to finding them generally underwhelming). It seems to me that "love", and all that comes with it, might just be a very complicated version of biological attraction and a necessity for the successful mating of two individuals of the same species and their need to stay together in order to raise offspring. We are, after all, more psychologically complicated than most animals. It turns out you can buy additional pheromones. If you buy this product people might like you more. I think the placebo effect would take hold either way so it might just be easier if you convinced yourself that you already have more pheromones than the average person. Confidence is important when it comes to earning friends (unless we are talking about 'friending' people on Facebook...then all bets are off).

I am not being a love-hating pessimistic fuddy duddy here. If you've followed my blog you probably know better than that (I happen to love love). The human race is just full of speciesists who think that man is just the dumbed down version of an angel or something. We are not. We breed, we eat, we grow hair (and proceed to get rid of it or trim it or shape it into a ridiculous mustache).

A dreary individual may be able to pass off "love" as a valuable ingrained procreation mechanism but how then would you explain art? Music? Wall-E?

This video is pretty interesting. I was fairly engaged up until the last minute or so. Pandering religious views is one thing that annoys me more than sitting next to someone at the Dining Commons with an incredibly annoying laugh (alright...that might not be true, but I still find it highly off putting).

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