Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Retroscopic Self Portrait

This week I have been going through some old Deviant Art accounts and Myspace profiles, trying to get together as much of my old artwork as I can. About two years ago, my old laptop stopped working and I lost many of my raw recording files and incomplete animation projects.

This picture is from when I was living in Rhode Island, spending my mornings working at the Gap (which I hated) and my evenings working on my animation and music projects. Looking back on it, that was probably the closest I've been to what I would like to do with my life. This short animation loop is the only actually animation from the project that I saved online. Everything else was lost like the personal memories of so many holocaust victims.

This is vomit in a refrigerator.

...and two babies that were once siamese twins. The short film I was working on was a compelation of the the following tracks from Sufjan Steven's album A Sun Came: Siamese Twins, Belly Button, Satan's Saxophone, and Godzukie.

My earliest animation project (something I started immediately after investing in a wacom tablet [the writing tool pictured above that allows one to control the onscreen cursor via a pen tool USB device] and completed in about a week or so) can be viewed here. My affinity for amorphous blobs and squirrels is very apparent. I love it when the lines are constantly moving (which probably comes from watching a lot of Dr. Katz and early Home Movies).

I was also working on some retroscoping techniques. This is where you animate on top of film or video to create a more realistic look or movement. These are three pictures of me that I used as anchor points to animate one solid movement.

My intention is to buy a replacement wacom pen and continue working on my animation this summer. I'll let you know how that goes.

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