Monday, May 25, 2009

Decoration Day

I'm wiping off the pollen from screen with my thumb. Today has proven to be a fairly good Memorial Day. To celebrate Jim is hosting a s'more cookout in his back yard. To prevent the ash and the smoke from infiltrating my computer I have seated myself several yards away from the fire although it is getting kind of cold over here. I can't have my cake and eat it too. Sometimes I feel like that is all people really want.

This is a video of the fire right after Jim lit it with a road flare.

I had a chance to talk to my younger cousin Danny, today. For some reason I found myself giving him a lot of advice. For example, if you ever in a fight, punch the guy in the collar bone. You only need to apply 4 pounds of pressure to the bone itself. This will leave your opponent's hands immobile.

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that I just don't know too much about. Sometimes it means no school, sometimes it means no work, and sometimes it means fireworks, and sometimes it means bon fire at 10 pm. Although it does mean all of these different things to different people (as do most other holidays), Memorial Day in particular is supposed to be a day to commemorate those who have died while serving the United States military.

My cat is chewing on a magazine. Does anyone know why they feel the need to do this? I've got an inkling that says that it has to do with their glands.

Speak easy,

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Dell Smith said...

Our cat, Chester, likes to chew metal. Although I don't think he's actually chewing, but kind of rubbing along his gums. We have a letter opener that he's fond of. He would also let me shove it up his nose if I wanted. I have to stop myself from the impulse. He likes chemicals as well. I suppose there's a connection between these two.