Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Need New Pumas

12 hours and I will be all finished with the semester. I completed my papers (which probably weren't that great) and now I just need to study up for my French test tomorrow morning. Jim, Lev, and Julie helped me move all of the stuff out of the dorm today (which is currently in Jim's mom's van along with a giant bear cushion and a vibraphone) so now my side of the room is completely vacant, sans an alarm clock, a laptop, and a fan, sheets, toothbrush, and a change of clothes. I was anticipating a trip back to the Cape tomorrow but there is a really good change I won't be leaving until Thursday morning. This means that I will have to make do until then. No meal swipes left, no change of clothes beyond what I already have on me, and no toiletries. There is not too much planned for my one month break between school and camp but whatever does end up happening, good or bad, will most definitely be documented here.

I broke a towel hanger on my door last semester and I need to buy glue tomorrow to fix it. If you ever see me and I'm not doing something last minute, call the police, because something is terribly wrong.

The internet says that a hedgehog will set me back anywhere between $125 and $150. If I get one, which I may in the next few years, I will name it 'Luigi'.

Speak easy,

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Jim said...

Edit your post. My mom doesn't drive a mini-van.