Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My rooms so empty that it echos. Lev left earlier today and I'll be heading home within the next 24 hours. It feels really strange to live by myself, even if it is just for one evening. Living in an apartment by myself is never something I want to experience. There would be no one to come home to. I never really understood why people that live alone own a lot of cats until this now. My finals are all done with and all I want to do is sleep.

Note: A duck's quack doesn't echo, I saw it on Mythbusters.

I'm pretty psyched to see The Brothers Bloom when it comes out on May 29th. You can watch the first 7 minutes of the film on its website. It has the same writer/director as the 2005 film Brick, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Speak easy,


kat(hryn) said...

Congratulations on finishing the semester.

I am one conclusion paragraph and work cited page away from finishing my last 16 page paper. Tomorrow, I print, submit, and am done.


LeVeL said...

aww, you liked coming home to me, aww
Hope you moved out ok. Have a good summer! Thanks for helping me bring my stuff down, btw