Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today, I went to Best Buy and picked up a Nikon D60 digital camera. It’s pretty nice and I’ve been having fun playing around with it. The weather has been pretty lousy for the last few days and it’s been irritating because I’ve been fairly sick and I feel like some warm weather and sun would do me a world of good.

Although I think that there are plenty of good shows, some that are smarter and more influential than anything that aired during the 20th century, but at the same time we have some of the worst, mind numbing pieces television series. The bright side to this, as I see it, is that we are in a day and age that allows us to filter out anything that we don’t want to indulge in. I haven’t listened to the radio in years because I just listen to my iPod. I’m sure that I’ve talked about technology and entertainment before but I’m watching some late night programming right now and realizing that there is a fundamental reason that I’ve basically stopped watching anything on cable television.

I was walking through the gated community by my house today. The clouds were completely obscuring the sun and there were absolutely no shadows. I told Brad that if hell existed, it would probably be completely devoid of shadows. He responded by saying that it might be the complete opposite, extreme shadows with thick flames. Golf courses are all very zen.

5 words that I enjoy that could be used to describe Tom Sawyer...

1. Hooligan
2. Ragamuffin
3. Nare-Do-Well
4. Vagabond
5. Charlatan

Speak easy,


Taylor said...

Do you watch the show Dexter? I don't have showtime but between my sisters and I we've bought the first 2 seasons.

It's an incredible show and if you don't watch it already, you should! I think you'd lke it.

Neil Everett said...

Totally love Dexter. My favorite shows that aired this year would be Dexter, Breaking Bad (incredible), and Lost.