Friday, May 15, 2009


It is my last weekend on campus (for a few months anyway) and I'm sure I'll be spending the majority of my time doing schoolwork. There is nothing more cathartic than finishing something you've started.

This is a picture of a baby hedgehog I came across today while struggling with a heavy bought of procrastination. It is nothing short of amazing.

I don't have much to say this evening so I suppose I will leave you at that. Actually I was thinking of making a list of 5 things in life that people ought to pay more attention to but probably won't...

1) Posture
- Arch your back and don't slouch. I know I must sound like a nun or something but you will definitely look more strong and confident.

2) Floss
- "It's as hard to quit smoking as it is to start flossing" - Mitch Hedberg
- Your teeth will last longer and probably smell better. (although I am not a dentist so I probably don't know what I'm talking about.)

3) Call people by name more often.
- People notice on a subconscious level and it is an easy way of making a quick personal connection.

4) Don't watch the news.
- It's depressing.

5) Eat salad if you can find the time.
- It just makes you feel better.

Random fact I read about today: MLK plagiarized a large portion of his doctoral thesis as well as parts of his speeches (including his I Have a Dream speech).

Speak easy,


Arleen said...

that is the cutest flipping picture ive seen i quite literally squealed from the overwhelming cuteness.

Neil Everett said...

That's probably a similar reaction that I had to it.

Anonymous said...

MLK was also a communist and a philanderer.