Thursday, May 7, 2009

There's support in your mind and thoughts in your spine

There is nothing better than not having to do something that you thought you had to do. Today I was supposed to do a presentation on AIDS in Africa but all the other presentations went on for too long.

I must be getting stressed over my final papers or something because I keep getting into these funks where all I can do is mope around and write music. They are mostly odd songs of love, the apocalypse and blood. Some of it reminds me a little bit of Daniel Johnston (pretty good songs but really odd performances). I just read that back to myself and it really isn't as sad/weird as it sounds. Trust me, I'm just as mentally stable as I've always been.

Coffee is apparently a lot better for me than I thought it was. For some reason I have been conditioned (by myself, probably not by my parents) to believe that there is a strong correlation between things that are enjoyable and things that are bad for you.

EDIT: Large coffee after 10 pm is a terrible idea. Downsides to coffee are a) sleeplessness, b) itchiness [kind of like little bugs crawling over random patches of your body], c) dehydration, d) and this sometimes leads to philosophically draining thoughts. Luckily I can use my sleepyness time to catch up on television programs that I have been neglecting.

Kudos to Disney for finally producing a traditionally animated feature film after 5 years of nothing but CGI. Some people, however, are calling it out for being potentially racist.

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